I have a url with some query string. I know I can get the full string with url()->full(). But I want to add extra query string with it. And there I am facing problem.

So far I have tried, href={{ url()->full()."&rating=5" }} This is working fine if there is already some query data in the url. But if there is none then it is showing error.

Example: If my url is example.com/147?place=33 then it works but if my url is example.com/147 then it doesn't work.

I also tried, href={{ url()->full()."?rating=5" }}. This is working only in the opposite scenario.

How can I append my own query string after the full url regardless of the existence of current query?


You can do something like:

href={{ url()->current().'?'.http_build_query(array_merge(request()->all(),['rating' => 5])) }}

This is just appending the extra parameter in the current request input and then rebuilding the query string.

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  • It doesn't work if there is already 'rating' in the query. For example, if my url is 'example.com/147?rating=5' then it doesn't work for 'example.com/147?rating=3' – Nabil Farhan Feb 19 '19 at 9:46
  • @NabilFarhan changed it to array_merge so that the 2nd array entries always overwrite the first – apokryfos Feb 19 '19 at 9:48
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    A little easier to read would be: {{ request()->fullUrlWithQuery(['foo' => 'bar']) }} – superfly Oct 30 '19 at 21:55
  • @superfly add your comment as an answer to people looking for it in the future. It's much better and easier – João Henrique Silveira Jan 21 at 14:19

As suggested from @joão-henrique-silveira I add my comment as an answer for better visibility.

{{ request()->fullUrlWithQuery(['foo' => 'bar']) }} 
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  • Thank you! This should be the accepted answer. – eronisko Jul 9 at 7:06

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