I'm trying to make CNN model, but having low accuarcy :(

So, I want to decay SGD learning rate when validation accuracy stops improving.

How can I make and compile it??


If you loop on model.train_on_batch you can change the learning rate manually:

import keras.backend as K
from keras.optimizers import Adam
import sys

epochs = 50
batch_size = 32
iterations_per_epoch = len(x_train) // batch_size

lr = 0.01
model.compile(optimizer=Adam(lr), loss='some loss')

min_val_loss = sys.float_info.max
for epoch in range(epochs):
    for batch in range(iterations_per_epoch):
        model.train_on_batch(x_train, y_train)
        val_loss = model.evaluate(x_val, y_val)
        if val_loss >= min_val_loss:
            K.set_value(model.optimizer.lr, lr / 2.)
            lr /= 2.
            min_val_loss = val_loss

This is a very naive way to decrease the learning rate once the validation loss had stopped decreasing. I would suggest implementing a bit more sophisticated rule such as validation loss had not decreased for the last X batches or so.

  • thanks! I'm going to use it now! – YeongHwa Jin Feb 20 at 9:12

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