I have been looking at the ZeroMQ documentation and I haven't seen the endpoint syntax specified anywhere. I was wondering what something like this meant in ZeroMQ:


I know that IPC is the transport, but I don't know what the '@' means. The rest should be the filename, for the Unix Domain Socket. But I cannot see any file with that name.


The @ signifies the connection should use the "Abstract Namespace" rather than the filesystem/filepath.

This removes the need for the filesystem path to exist or issues with permissions, the name is globally available to connect/bind to and will clean itself up when all references are removed.

It's a linux only concept.


It specifies a local path corresponding to that IP.

Take the following for example. Let's say you are trying to bind to MY address, which is somewhere on the network

You could write: socket.bind("")

Alternatively, the @ can mean a specific path. If you are using ZMQ for other things such as copying a file, you could do something like scp <filea> tkelly@

  • Could you give a little more context on the answer? Could you provide an example of what it could be used for? – Luis Feb 19 at 17:59

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