When trying to generate a sitemap I keep getting this error and the job stalls out I noticed this error in 8.4.3 so i updated to 8.4.4 and it still is present


Argument 2 passed to Concrete\Core\Page\Sitemap\Element\SitemapPage::__construct() must implement interface Concrete\Core\Url\UrlInterface, instance of League\Url\Url given, called in /home2/cedarcom/public_html/updates/concrete5-8.4.4_remote_updater/concrete/src/Page/Sitemap/SitemapGenerator.php on line 316

If anyone has some insight on how this, it would be much appreciated!


This has been fixed by https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/pull/7363, so the upcoming concrete5 8.5.0 won't suffer this problem.

If you want to fix your running installation, you can edit these two files:

  • /home2/cedarcom/public_html/updates/concrete5-8.4.4_remote_updater/concrete/src/Page/Sitemap/Element/SitemapPage.php
  • /home2/cedarcom/public_html/updates/concrete5-8.4.4_remote_updater/concrete/src/Page/Sitemap/Element/SitemapPageAlternativeLanguage.php

by replacing this line

 use Concrete\Core\Url\UrlInterface;


use League\Url\UrlInterface;
  • Thanks So much! This fixed the problem – Josh Feb 20 at 16:47

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