I am getting this null pointer exception and the lock is not getting freed, it was working correctly for a long and suddenly started to throw this exceptions

any one has any idea?

stage('Deploy to iDev') {       
    steps {
        script {
            lock(resource: "$DEV_LOCK", inversePrecedence: true) {
                milestone (15)
                ansiColor('xterm') {
                    ansibleTower credential: '',
                    extraVars: "$DEV_ANSIBLE_PARAMS",
                    importTowerLogs: true,
                        importWorkflowChildLogs: false,
                        inventory: '',
                        jobTags: '',
                        jobTemplate: "$DEV_ANSIBLE_ID",
                        jobType: 'run',
                        limit: '',
                        removeColor: false,
                        skipJobTags: '',
                        templateType: 'job',
                        towerServer: "$TOWER_SERVER",
                        verbose: true

            if ("$DEV_CONTAINER_JOB" != 'NA') {
                build job: "$DEV_CONTAINER_JOB"
            if ("$DEV_TEST_JOB" != 'NA') {
                build job: DEV_TEST_JOB, parameters: [[$class: DEV_TEST_PARAMS_CLASS, name: DEV_TEST_PARAMS_NAME, value:  DEV_TEST_PARAMS_VALUE]]
    post {
        failure {
            // We want to email the development team.           
        aborted {
            echo "aborted.. during deploy to iDev"

errors are below:

    at org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockableResourcesManager.freeResources(LockableResourcesManager.java:323)
    at org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockableResourcesManager.unlockNames(LockableResourcesManager.java:367)
    at org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockStepExecution$Callback.finished(LockStepExecution.java:125)
    at org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.BodyExecutionCallback$TailCall.onSuccess(BodyExecutionCallback.java:114)
    at org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.cps.CpsBodyExecution$SuccessAdapter.receive(CpsBodyExecution.java:368)
    at com.cloudbees.groovy.cps.Outcome.resumeFrom(Outcome.java:73)

As per this

you need to do this as the lock is a declarative step or wrapper

stage('Deploy to iDev') {
    steps {
        lock(resource: "$DEV_LOCK", inversePrecedence: true) {
            script {

You might run into problems with $DEV_LOCK too, depending how you defined it. You might be able to do "${env.DEV_LOCK}" or "${DEV_LOCK}"

Looking a bit closer, I think you only need to script the if statements. You could even put build job... into separate stages using when clauses with expressions and lose the script altogether and lock the whole pipeline as per my first link answer

  • I tried your suggestion and my pipeline still failed with null pointer exceptions. I have put the lock outside the script. I believe its a Jenkins bug – user2511126 Feb 20 at 22:38
  • anyone know how to deal with this case ? – user2511126 Feb 22 at 0:55
  • I looked at the code for the plugin. Are you using the latest version? – KeepCalmAndCarryOn Feb 22 at 3:22
  • I am using Jenkins ver. 2.157 – user2511126 Feb 22 at 3:25
  • what is the plugin version for the lock plugin? – KeepCalmAndCarryOn Feb 22 at 4:11

As a first look, I would say that $DEV_LOCK doesn't exist at the moment it is evaluated. Just for the sake of argument, you can try to change it for a static string temporary, let's say

lock(resource: "foo", inversePrecedence: true)

Getting a bit deeper into it, and

  • seeing this line of the error stack trace org.jenkins.plugins.lockableresources.LockableResourcesManager.freeResources(LockableResourcesManager.java:323)

  • judging by the date of this post,

  • and the commit history of the plugin...

...I would say that we are talking about this line in the plugin's code: https://github.com/jenkinsci/lockable-resources-plugin/blob/79034dcd1c12f88030b0990356ad9f7c63d1937e/src/main/java/org/jenkins/plugins/lockableresources/LockableResourcesManager.java#L323

The line is

323. private synchronized void freeResources(List<String> unlockResourceNames, @Nullable Run<?, ?> build) {
321.  for (String unlockResourceName : unlockResourceNames) {
322.            for (LockableResource resource : this.resources) {
323.                if (resource != null && resource.getName() != null && resource.getName().equals(unlockResourceName)) {

we can see that resource is not null, and resource.getName() is not null, so the only possible null thing there is unlockResourceName, which makes sense since it is not checked in the lines above.

So it looks like the resource name of your resource (remember that your resource was $DEV_LOCK) happens to be null.

so I would say that the test proposed above, using just lock(resource: "foo", inversePrecedence: true) to see if the problems come from there, would be a good starting point. If it works, then you can decide if you really need $DEV_LOCK as a env variable, or you can change it for something static. If you needed it then take it from there trying to find out where it is unset, or if it is actually set somewhere.

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