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basically I have a json like (it's an example, my real json has n fields, and it can be dynamic):


I would like the output(first position):

key: name, value: paul
key: age, value:23
key: gender: value:male

how can I do it? I have an error because angular iterates over an array.

//in this case, I want show the first position of the data
<div *ngFor="let item of data[0]; let i=index">
  key: {{item}}, value: {{item[i]}}

this is my code:


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If you are using Angular (v6.1.0 or grater), you can use keyvalue pipe from the common module of Angular package, like below -

<div *ngFor="let item of data[0] | keyvalue">
    Key: <b>{{item.key}}</b> and Value: <b>{{item.value}}</b>

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