I am trying to build my first app in android studio and getting an error "adb.exe has stopped working". I am working on Windows xp 32 bit system.

Have tried several solutions available online including -kill server/restart -updating platform tools folder -adding as exception to be allowed Still nothing seems to work out. Kindly help!!! Thanks in advance


I think you miss a .dll file, this file api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll from your Windows 32-Bit system, just download that file according to your system and Copy/Paste the file to C:\Windows\System32

You can download it from here: https://www.sts-tutorial.com/sites/downloadCenter.php?api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0

  • This worked for the previous error. but now i am getting a new error "Emulator: D:\AndroidStudio\sdk\emulator\qemu\windows-x86\qemu-system-x86_64.exe: Could not load library WinHvPlatform.dll. Emulator: D:\AndroidStudio\sdk\emulator\qemu\windows-x86\qemu-system-x86_64.exe: failed to initialize WHPX: Function not implemented" – Swati Mohanty Mar 17 '19 at 10:12
  • The following Windows update (KB2999226) helped me on a Windows 8.1 machine: microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=49081 – Sven Mar 29 '19 at 12:53
  • 1
    It didn't worked for me. Also tried reinstalling Android Studio, SDK, platform-tools, tried reinstalling c++ redistributable; nothing worked. What worked for me is copying adb.exe from one of my colleague's system. – Monish Kamble Jun 3 '19 at 13:31
  • @zoti I have the same problem. I did as you said but still, I am getting error messages "adb.exe has stopped working" – Praneet Dixit Jul 11 '20 at 15:19

Download fresh adb files File names in the zip files will be:

  1. adb.exe
  2. AdbWinApi.dll
  3. AdbWinUsbApi.dll
  4. fastboot.exe
    Go to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools and paste these four files. (replace the old one). It will work fine

Download here https://androidstudio.io/downloads/tools/download-the-latest-version-of-adb.exe.html


The platform tools now depend on the Windows Universal C Runtime, which is usually installed by default via Windows Update. This is required from 28.0.2 (March 2019).

So if you are on an older version of windows or unable to update your windows, you must use an older version of platform-tools.

How to install the older version of platform tools?

1. Delete all files from your your-sdk-location\platform-tools

2. Download platform tools version 28.0.1 from here. Extract and copy all those files to your-sdk-location\platform-tools


Try below command before adb start

adb kill-server
adb start-server

For my case, Downloading latest SDK platform tools and extracting it into platform-tools of your SDK location

You can know your SDK path from Android studio >> Tools >> SDK Manager >> Android SDK Location


The missing dll file is located in the Java installation folder. Add it as a system PATH variable and reboot. Example location C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_202\jre\bin


Updating the Windows Universal C Runtime fixed it for me.

Get the update from microsoft

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