As gulp-assemble plugin is deprecated, so they suggested that use assemble directly.

So how should assemble task need to write in gulp?

Below what i am trying to do in gulpfile.js

var assembleApp = assemble();
assembleApp.partials('hbs file');
assembleApp.layouts('hbs layout file');
assembleApp.pages('hbs files');

task('assemble', function () {   
    return assembleApp.toStream('pages')

after task run getting below error
Error in plugin "assemble-render-file"
    could not find layout "file1.hbs"
  • This looks correct, but the error message says that it cannot find layout "file1.hbs". This means that one of your pages is specifying that it needs to use layout "file1.hbs", but that layout was not loaded when you did assembleApp.layouts(...) – doowb Aug 14 at 18:16

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