I'm new into JavaFX and I don't know how to save a list of elements using their Id into an XML file. In my case that elements are ImageView's which amount depends on user choice (from combobox). All of them have set Id like imageView1, imageView2, etc. and are grouped in imageViewGroup.

for(int i=1; i<=numberOfImageViews;i++){
ImageView imageView = new ImageView("/path_to_image_file);

All of that ImageView's are loaded to Pane named mainPane.

 FXMLLoader generateLoader = new FXMLLoader();
 Pane newLoadedPane = generateLoader.load();
 mainPane.getChildren().add(newLoadedPane, imageViewGroup);

To this moment all works fine. I have some functionalities after loading imageView's but I will not describe them because they do not affect the operations. The important thing is that the user can edit the ID of imageView at this time (for example imageView1 he can change to imageView112312), that's why I just want to be able to download the ID now and not sooner. I would like to create an XML file in which the lines will look like below:

<device class="ImageView" displayName="ImageView 1" name="imageView1" />
<device class="ImageView" displayName="ImageView 2" name="imageView2" /> 
<device class="ImageView" displayName="ImageView 3" name="imageView3" /> 

So in my case, 'name' from the XML file is imageView Id. I created that file but I don't have an idea how to print all of imageView's cause imageView.getId() give me the Id of the last one.

Element device = devicesXmlDocument.createElement("device");

Attr nameDev = devicesXmlDocument.createAttribute("name");
nameDev.setValue(imageView.getId());  // it's last imageView's id

Attr classDev = devicesXmlDocument.createAttribute("class");

Attr displayNameDev = devicesXmlDocument.createAttribute("displayName");
displayNameDev.setValue("ImageView "+ numberofimageview);  

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