I am working on a Flutter app project which needs a user to log into the app (which actually means into Dialogflow project), send a query and get response from the bot.

So, I was using Google Signin and Firebase auth for logging in user. But the user signs into the Firebase project and not to the Dialogflow project.

And whenever I send a query from the app to the Dialogflow agent, it failed to recognize the user and thus returns an error (because of the basic asssertion data!=null) in text field.

Because the agent is unable to recognize the user who sent the query which is actually important to get his details for furthur proceedings... (like database updations using the uid or email)

Any help would be appreciated :)

Flutter app source code can be found here

Edit: The app is failing to login using my Flutter app and when I invoke an intent which helps user login, all it says is "Cannot display response in Dialogflow Simulator. Please test on the Google Assistant simulator instead"

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