I am trying to run a filewatcher.sh script in background. It further invokes a java code through a jar file.

Whenever I run the command("nohup sh filewatcher.sh") through terminal, everything is ok. I have to hit enter two times so the output file is appended to nohup.out. But whenever I try to run the equivalent command("nohup filewatcher.sh >> nohup.out < /dev/null &") from a shell script automate.sh, I get following permission error.

error-log. Click to see snippet.

Could this an issue of permission for the automate.sh? I have crossed check to see this script is having same permissions and ownership as the user when I log in and enter the nohup command from command line. I also checked the ownership of the folders where the files are getting moved but everything is having same permissions and ownership.

  • I think the java code is using relative paths and when it is executed via a shell script, the folder where the script resides, becomes the base folder and java code searches for a file there and fails. – Nikhil Sahu Feb 20 at 16:52
  • @NikhilSahu I shortened the description a bit. When I run from command line, I do go specific path to run that command but when I run from script, I give absolute path so that it rules out the possibility of being wrong. Example in script I wrote : "nohup /path/to/filewatcher/filewatcher.sh >> /path/to/filewatcher/nohup.out < /dev/null &" – utkarsh srivastava Feb 20 at 17:35

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