The doc type for my index in Elasticsearch 6 is _doc, as is recommended. elasticsearch-dsl-py has a default doc type of doc however (missing underscore). This is a known, wont-fix issue.

I have a Document type, that I believe I've defined as described in the docs:

class MyDoc(Document):
    class Meta:
        doc_type = "_doc"

    class Index:
        name = "myindex"
        doc_type = "_doc"

The docs for Index indicate:


name of the _type in elasticsearch. Note that you have to define this as well as doc_type in class Meta in order for it to take effect.

This seems to work for get, but when using search, hits are not returned as MyDoc; they're returned as Hit:

doc = MyDoc.get(id=id)  # doc is a MyDoc

response = MyDoc.search().query(...).execute() # MyDoc results are not deserialized

MyDoc.Index.doc_type returns '_doc' as expected, but MyDoc._index._get_doc_type() returns 'doc' instead.

How should I configure Document subclasses so that they have the recommended _doc document type?

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