I want to build a mern stack web app (game), where static files are served with nginx and nodejs runs locally for the api and game server. Now i have a second server(aws) where i want my user to authenticate using nodejs+express+passportjs and only use google,facebook,twitter,... no email/password. Nginx redirects the user to second server which will have a subdomain.

Since a week I try to find the best way how I can authenticate the user while give him access to the api, while auth and api server are decoupled. Reason for that is that the api and game server are complicated enough and i don't want to have the auth part also on that server. I also want to implement some kind of store where user can buy stuff and deposit coins etc.

First I though I will use jwt because I have two servers and on the api server I can simple verify, if the token is correct. But the more I read about jwt the more I read that one should not use jwt because expiration, how to safe the token etc. even Auth0 suggested to use normal cookies.

Then I though I will use cookies and express-session with dynamodb as session-store. Because auth server has a subdomain I can use this cookie in my main domain. To verify the cookie I would use passportjs with out the strategy and use express-session with the secret. Because of express-session there will be touchInterval and ttl and the api server should not be allowed change these, but the user will only connect to theauth server once.

Now i don't know what use with this kind of setup.

Thank you for your advice and help!

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