I made a new installation of laravel, I have a mysql which turns on the vagrant, I made the connection in the .env file and in the file config / database.php

i do not understand why i get this error, my system is linux and i use vagrant to host my sql

Can you help me to understand the problem ?

laravel error message laravel error message

environment file laravel environment file laravel

laravel config/database file laravel config/database file


If you have installed laravel just now, You should do :

php artisan migrate

It will install the migration and will create tables for you. one of which is users table which is used for authentication.


if you have installed fresh laravel, than you should run php artisan make:auth and then run php artisan migrate this will populate table users in your connected database.


php artisan migrate must work! and you go to /register

More info here: https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/authentication#introduction

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