I can successfully connect the VS Code debugger to my remote NodeJS target using the Chrome protocol. I believe that same protocol supports profiling and performance measurements as it is easy to do from Chrome Dev Tools, but I am not sure it is something I can do from VS Code directly.

Is there any support for this feature ? How can I use it ?


There is no plugin/support that I am aware of for initiating the profiling, or heap dumps, etc that are available in Chrome's Dev Tools. But, the VS Code debugger can work alongside the dev tools debugger.

Start from VS Code, and start debugging as you would. Then open dev tools from any tab in the Chrome/Chromium browser, and look for the green icon indicating a node.js debugging process is running (manually done via node --inspect):

enter image description here.

Click this green icon and you'll have many of the browser dev tools features for debugging the node.js process, specifically the memory and profiler tabs.

  • This would force me to use a chrome/chromium browser, which can be quite a condition on some systems. Thanks for the answer ! – Magix Feb 23 '19 at 16:51
  • 1
    Well, you can run commands to write memory data, etc that dev tools is hooking into, and then write that to file, and analyze it in some other toolset that you'd probably have to write a bit of a transformer too. So possible, but not nearly as plug and go. – adamrights Feb 25 '19 at 21:11

Yes, There are many ways.

go to package.json and set:

    \\ other information 

    "scripts": {
      "debug": "node --inspect-brk" 

after, run use command: npm run debug yourFile.js

or you can execute in oneline node --inspect-brk yourFile.js

after this: open chrome and go chrome://inspect

wait for a few seconds, to appears a remote target and click inspect

enter image description here

you can use debbuger; in your code to make a breakpoint.

To learn more go to the documentation.

In alternative you can use a plugin for VS code 'Debugger for Chrome' and follow the guide.

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