I have two access subform. First Subform (Pivot1234Subform)

1) First is (Pivot1234 subform). Its take pivot1234 table format. Then,this subform will show the data after user selection on listbox and dropdown text box. below are the code that generate this subform:

Generate PIvot1234 subform

  1. Second subform (CountDuplicateSubform)
    this subform is follow query wizard duplicate data of pivot1234 table.

the purpose of this subform is to count the sum of data that containt same data in column FAMILY and WhichTest from pivot1234_subform after the summary in pivot1234 report is clicked.

example if first row : family = a , whichtest =b
then second row : family =a , whichtest = b

it will appear in column third (count) "2"

example of the result

below are the code that i already try in Form_Load event:

{Private Sub Form_Load()  
Dim strSQL As String 
strSQL = "SELECT First(Pivot123_subform.Family) AS 
[CountDuplicate_subform.Family], First(Pivot1234_subform.WhichTest) AS 
[CountDuplicate_subform.WhichTest], Count(Pivot1234_subform.Family) AS
[CountDuplicate_subform.Count]" & _
"FROM Pivot1234_subform" & _ 
"GROUP BY Pivot1234_subform.Family, Pivot1234_subform.WhichTest" & _
"HAVING (((Count(Pivot1234_subform.Family))>1) AND

Forms!CountDuplicate_subform.RecordSource = strSQL  
End Sub
  • For one thing, you miss spaces: "FROM Pivot1234_subform " & _. – Gustav Feb 21 at 7:01
  • @Gustav i dont understand. I check my coding back. it just same with the code that you already edit. – diana123 Feb 21 at 7:30
  • You know, coding is about the big picture and the tiniest detail. Thus, look again (hint: space). – Gustav Feb 21 at 10:17
  • @Gustav you mean that there is suppose no “&_” before the from pivot1234_subform and i should just continue write in the same line ? – diana123 Feb 22 at 0:44
  • 1
    okey @Gustav i got it. there is space before " if i wanted to do seperate line like above. Thanks. I will try it again later. – diana123 Feb 22 at 5:58

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