I created the app through Expo. I uploaded the ipa through the Application Loader, and it was rejected as the message below. What is the problem?

This bundle is invalid - The Info.plist file for /Payload/ExpoKitApp.app/FacebookSDKStrings.bundle is missing or could not be read.

Invalid Bundle - The bundle at ‘/Payload/ExpoKitApp.app/FacebookSDKStrings.bundle’ does not contain a bundle executable.

Post is related to a rapidly changing event.

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    I'm having the exact same problem and my app doesn't use React Native EXPO. I think there is an issue with AppStoreConnect at the moment. This is not related to Expo. It may be a general issue. I tried uploading the bundle many times. The same exact app yesterday was accepted just fine, and today I have this problem. I changed no code at all, so this is 100% an issue on the Apple side. – Axy Feb 21 at 2:41
  • Same issues. I think this was a policy change as of 24 hrs. Looking into what's wrong - does this happen across all Expo builds? I do have a dependency of react-native-fbsdk – JMichaliga Feb 21 at 2:47
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    Also have the same issue, two separate accounts. I uploaded a build this morning and it was ok. Let's wait and see. Native app btw, just using Facebook frameworks – mcassiano Feb 21 at 2:49
  • I could resolve the issue by renaming FacebookSDKStrings.bundle to FacebookSDKStrings located in "Pods/Pods/FBSDKCoreKit/Resources/" – hunter09h Feb 21 at 4:35
  • developers.facebook.com/bugs/2077613562276009 Facebook has an open bug ticket related to it – Hellojeffy Feb 21 at 6:13

The issue is in the AppStoreConnect, as @Axy said, yesterday upload was fine, and I try to do today, I receive same error related Facebook bundle, nothing I've changed in my end,

It is an Apple related issue.

Update: Issue has been resolved, I able to upload my app successfully to the AppStoreConnect.


In my case, I resolved this issue by resetting pods.

  1. Remove Pods folder.
  2. pod cache clear --all
  3. pod install
  4. Create archive then upload it.
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    Builds are now being accepted without any changes. It looks like clearing your cocoapod cache was a coincidence. – savvyx4 Feb 21 at 6:34

I was facing the same issue from early morning. For a quick fix, on your Xcode workspace check the below path,


you will find a FacebookSDKStrings.bundle, remove the extension bundle it will be changed to folder structure FacebookSDKStrings. Now clean the build and Archive it will be uploaded successfully.

  • Those strings are used for internationalization. Does this change affect their use in any production apps? – Theo Bendixson Feb 21 at 18:11

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