I have an array of struct containing several fields. I want to map the array to create another one of struct containing a subset of fields

struct History: {
   let field1: String
   let field2: String
   let field3: String
   let field4: String

struct SubHistory: {
   let field1: String
   let field2: String

I could use the for in loop. But It may be possible to use a map, no ?

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    can you add an example of the array you trying to map with an expected result ? – Mohmmad S Feb 21 at 8:17
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    let subHistoryArray = historyArray.map{SubHistory(field1: $0.field1, field2: $0.field2)} – vadian Feb 21 at 8:19

Yes, you can use map in the following way:

let histories: [History] // array of History structs
let subHistories = histories.map { SubHistory(field1: $0.field1, field2: $0.field2) }

As a slight variation of kiwisip's correct answer: I would suggest to put the logic of “creating a SubHistory from a History” into a custom initializer:

extension SubHistory {
    init(history: History) {
        self.init(field1: history.field1, field2: history.field2)

Then the mapping can be simply done as

let histories: [History] = ...
let subHistories = histories.map(SubHistory.init)

Putting the initializer into an extension has the advantage that the default memberwise initializer is still synthesized – attribution for this observation goes to @kiwisip!

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    And if you create the init(history: History) in an extension to SubHistory, you don't have to implement the default initializer as Swift will generate it for you. – kiwisip Feb 21 at 8:46
  • @kiwisip: Wow – excellent point! I wasn't aware of that. – Martin R Feb 21 at 8:48

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