I have a complex query that i'd like to sequelize. Utilisateur (Users) has its own model Role (roles) has its own model AffectationRole is the relationship table having userId roleId columns.

Users can have many roles (DEP, PIL,...) , and a role can be assigned to many users

In my case i want all the users having the role DEP excluding those having as a second role the role PIL

select a.id, a.nom, a.prenom, b.code from Utilisateur a, Role b, AffectationRole c
where a.id = c.userId
and c.roleId = b.id
and b.code = 'DEP'
and a.id  IN (
userId NOT IN 
(SELECT d.userId FROM AffectationRole d, Role e WHERE d.roleId=e.id and e.code = 'PIL')  

I wanted to know if it's possible to translate this kind of query in Sequelize (Model.findXX .then where include $in) as i am not an expert in Sequelize or just write a raw query and be able to map into Model including the relation model.


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