I'm using typescript in conjunction with requirejs.

The ts compiler generates the following define call for a module:

define(["require", "exports", "d3", "../bare/DataAPI"]

This translates info the following script tag:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" async="" data-requirecontext="_"
    data-requiremodule="/webContent/ts/bare/EventAPI" src="/webContent/ts/bare/DataAPI">

The src attributes specifies /webContent/ts/bare/DataAPI, not /webContent/ts/bare/DataAPI.js

When I use this on my dev machine (Windows 10), running WAMP, it works, but the webserver on the internet returns an HTTP 404 error. The latter seems obvious, but why is the js omitted by the compiler and why does the WAMP server accept it?

More important: how to solve this?

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