I have a line in my AuthController where I'm hitting an api endpoint for tokens that are used to authenticate the user before logging in

$authService = new AuthService();
$login = $authService->loginGetToken($email, $password);

When the user exists and is successfully given the token then I'm logging them in. However, if the user doesn't exist I get this:

Client error: `POST http://testsite.api` resulted in a `400 BAD REQUEST` response:
  "message": "User does not exist."

The fact that I'm getting the error is good but I'm wondering how I should properly catch this so that it can just go back to the login form with a message that the user doesn't exist, rather than showing the whole laravel error/exception page.

The 400 code can have several messages in this instance, so can I properly handle this just based on the message?

  • what $authService->loginGetToken responds when a user is not found ? – Vidal Feb 21 at 15:21
  • That's the error above, it gives that on the laravel error page – Tom N. Feb 21 at 15:24
  • Please, add the logic of your loginGetToken function. – HCK Feb 21 at 15:24
  • I think something is wrong there, and then trowing an 400 error. – Vidal Feb 21 at 15:26
  • @Vidal the user doesn't exist in this case so I expect the 400 error, that's correct logic. I just want to know how to handle it to show the user an actual error on the login page instead of the big laravel error page – Tom N. Feb 21 at 15:29

You can use the try catch block

For example:

try {
    $authService = new AuthService();
    $login = $authService->loginGetToken($email, $password);
}catch (\Exception $e) {
    return Redirect::back()->withErrors(['msg', $e->getResponse()->getBody(true)]);

Then in your view in blade you can add this code


I guess that $authService->loginGetToken() is using Guzzle that's why you are having that kind of error

If you are using Guzzle from version 6.x and up you should use this code instead to get your error:

    //your code here
}catch(GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException $e){ 
    $error = $e->getResponse()->getBody()->getContents();
    $errorMessage = $error['message'];
    //redirect user back with error message here
  • Sorry, yes it is using Guzzle – Tom N. Feb 21 at 15:30
  • So will that be shown on the login form instead of going to an error page? – Tom N. Feb 21 at 15:30
  • I added in my answer. You can use Redirect::back()->withErros so user will be redirected back with an error message. – Edison Biba Feb 21 at 15:33
  • Also pleace check updated version for guzzle with version 6.x or new – Edison Biba Feb 21 at 15:37
  • So it is working on the redirect now but it just prints on the blade: msg 0 42 1 1 1 php://temp Array – Tom N. Feb 21 at 15:38

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