Given i have something like this:

Scenario Outline: test
    Given request {"movie":"<title>","age":"<age>"}
    When method post
    Then status 201
    Then match response contains {"something": 52.0833} || {"something": 27.160493}
      | title | age 
      | test  | 30 
      | test1 | 40  

Now i'd like to verify that the given response 52.0833 and 27.160493 are present in each response body.

Given that these are run in parallel, does karate have a way of saving both requests to a variable or doing something like i tried above i.e using || operator or 'either'.


This will work, refer the docs: https://github.com/intuit/karate#self-validation-expressions

Given def response = { something: 52.0833 }
Then match response contains { something : '#? _ == 52.0833 || _ == 27.160493' }

You should never consider saving responses to a file, always validate then and there and move on.

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