I have a sample file: sample.conf


  host => "localhost"

  port => "8080"


How do I read the data from the config file using python?

Is there any module in python?

Thanks in advance!

  • Why don't you writing conf file in json format – Sourabh Somani Feb 22 at 5:53
  • what kind of config you wote is ? – jia Jimmy Feb 22 at 5:59
  • It just read the data jia Jimmy ..For example if i need to connect mysql then it read its host,username and password,database name from the .conf file – Gomathi_rayan Feb 22 at 6:26

If the standard .ini format can be followed in your config file,

host => "localhost"
port => "8080"

Then use configparser library.

from configparser import ConfigParser
data_file = 'sample.conf'

config = ConfigParser()




> "localhost"
  • Thanks for your answer But i need to read .conf for further process Sleeba paul .Do you have any idea regarding that? – Gomathi_rayan Feb 22 at 5:56
  • Do you have control over the way the conf file is? Or you can't change it? – Sleeba Paul Feb 22 at 6:12
  • Sorry for the late reply Sleepa.. section read is of list datatype .what about the type of variables host and port?? Do they also belongs to list ??Can you please clarify me – Gomathi_rayan Feb 28 at 7:55
  • You write a standard .ini file with the format I mentioned in the answer. [read] is not list dtype but the usually an env variable. Say, database variables like database URL comes under [database] and so on. – Sleeba Paul Feb 28 at 11:42

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