I'm confused with the bandwidth of either the HttpClient.PostAsync() command or HttpSelfHostServer server. Trying to post a 500MB file on a local network seems to be slow, but I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or I should be doing something else. All of the small requests run less than a second, so I haven't bothered with them at the moment.

So to get to the issue, I have two sections of code that I've timed and found to be my bottleneck:

Client using HttpClient.PostAsync()

private async Task<Stream> PostContentAsync(...)
    using (var formData = new MultipartFormDataContent())
        // stream is a MemoryStream object with a Length of 524288000
        formData.Add(new StreamContent(stream), "file", fileName);
        formData.Add(new StringContent(DateTime.Now.ToString()), "UploadStart");
        var response = await client.PostAsync(uriEndpoint, formData);

Server controller running on HttpSelfHostServer

public async Task<HttpResponseMessage> ProcessUpload(...)
    // record the time as soon as the request is received
    var BeginRequest = DateTime.Now;
    // custom parsing of form content
    var requestForm = await GetFormContentAsync(Request);
    var uploadStartString = await requestForm["UploadStart"]?.ToStringAsync() ?? "N/A";
    if (DateTime.TryParse(uploadStartString, out DateTime uploadStart))
        var uploadTime = BeginRequest.Subtract(uploadStart);
        Console.WriteLine($"Client took {uploadTime.ToString("c")} to connect");

As for the output, I am seeing times like this from the server when posting a 500MB file:

Client took 00:00:49.7152052 to connect

Is there a reason it's only posting ~10 MB/s? All of this communication is between machines on the same networks, so the maximum network throughput should be 1.25 GB/s (CAT-6 cables between all the servers/switches).

I'm especially surprised at the local tests not being any faster (I ran both the server and client on the same machine and achieved the same results). Is there a data transfer limit on HttpClient.PostAsync()? Or is this an issue with the host setup? Wondering how I diagnose this further / if anyone else has had this issue before. Is there something that happens in between these two events that I should be looking into?

The biggest issue with this is that these posts are only 500MB chunks of different 100+ GB files across many servers as part of a data process, and this ~50 second per chunk ends up taking way too much time. Would running them in parallel be okay if some end-servers are on the same physical machine? I've been trying to look around to find out more information on these extremely slow transfer speeds but I haven't found anything yet that works.

Side note - I've tried enabling and disabling AutomaticDecompression and UseProxy is false. The HttpClient is created once and re-used for all client postings during the process, which disposes it on completion.

Edit: It looks like setting TransferMode = System.ServiceModel.TransferMode.Streamed; for the HttpSelfHostConfiguration on the server end got us through the big "wait". Now, I have a new bottleneck, reading the incoming stream. The read itself just seems slower than what could be achieved. Will look into more (potentially faster?) ways to read the form later. Currently, this is what's blocking:

private async Task<Dictionary<string, RequestData>> GetFormContentAsync(HttpRequestMessage request)
        var timer = new Stopwatch();
        Console.WriteLine($"- Reading content stream");
        var provider = await request.Content.ReadAsMultipartAsync();
        Console.WriteLine($"- Took {timer.Elapsed.ToString("c")} to ReadAsMultipart");
  • Reading content stream
  • Took 00:00:25.4309885 to ReadAsMultipart

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