I am searching for snapHelper in flutter, somthing like SnapHelper

Is there a widget like this?

How do I get it in other ways?

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    yes, use PageView – pskink Feb 22 at 6:13

There is a widget flutter_swiper ,I think this widget looks like what you are looking for

and you can get the example code from flutter_swiper example tab paste into a dart file and run it to get more knowledge about what this package can do.By the way you need to add your pubspec.yaml file like this:

  # other dependencies
  flutter_swiper: ^1.1.4

  • Thank you for your answer@cipli onat – Joey Feb 22 at 14:21
  • I meet a strange need, a widget like this but need loading more when scroll to the end,how do I get it? @cipli onat – Joey Feb 22 at 14:27

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