I have a dropdown list with values English and Arabic. As I select any one of them it should change culture also. As we know, for English, by default we will use this.

1.Content ="{x:Static lang:Strings.contactNoNotValid}"

And for Arabic, we will add its Arabic code with the above code. That is,

2.Content ="{x:Static lang:Strings.ar.contactNoNotValid}"

Here What I want is whenever I switch English to Arabic I want to change the code from 1 to the code 2. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in Advance


I think this link will be helpful.
When you change the culture, you can switch to the text corresponding to the culture using resource file.

description: https://codinginfinity.me/post/2015-05-10/localization_of_a_wpf_app_the_simple_approach
source: https://gist.github.com/jakubfijalkowski/0771bfbd26ce68456d3e


<TextBlock Text="{ex:Loc Foo}"/>


string culture = ""; // or "ar"
TranslationSource.Instance.CurrentCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo(culture);


  • Resources.resx
    • "Foo" : "Hello"
  • Resources.ar.resx
    • "Foo" : "مرحبا هناك"

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