Is there any command in ms-sql (on linux) to compare schemas between two databases?


I have very similar needs (I currently use PostgreSQL on Linux), and if doesn't have to necessarily be a ms-sql command I have 2 possible solutions:

Solution 1: Use mssql-scripter from Microsoft (https://github.com/Microsoft/mssql-scripter) You can get mssql-scripter via for example

pip install mssql-scripter.

and execute the following commands:

$ mssql-scripter -S serverName -d databaseSource -U user > ./source.sql
$ mssql-scripter -S serverName -d databaseTarget -U user > ./target.sql
$ diff source.sql target.sql

Solution 2: If you have the possibility to use a desktop environment (as I'm doing) I would use a comparison tools, which is much more user friendly in my opinion.

TiCodeX SQL Schema Compare (https://www.ticodex.com) It's a nice tools that runs in Linux, Windows and Mac and can compare the schema of MS-SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL database. Easy to use and effective. It may help you.

In order to use it:

  • Configure the source db (specifying servername, username, password, etc...)
  • Configure the target db
  • There are options in case you want to exclude database objects, or change the output
  • Press the comparison button

You will get the differences between the two databases, and eventually you also get the migration scripts to make the target db identical to the source.

  • Thanks for the links. mssql-scripter and diff does the job for me. I tested as well ticodex sql schema compare and saw that it creates migration scripts as well - But for the moment I don't need this as the changes are easy. – Sam C Feb 26 '19 at 8:49

It can perhaps can be done indirectly via sqlpackage for Linux.

  • Firstly, dacpac of each database to be created:

    sqlpackage.exe /Action:Extract /SourceServerName:XLW-CNU415CD8B /SourceDatabaseName:AdventureWorks2012 /TargetFile:AdventureWorks2012_v1.dacpac /p:IgnoreExtendedProperties=True /p:IgnorePermissions=False /p:ExtractApplicationScopedObjectsOnly=True

  • Then, dacpacs to be compared:

    sqlpackage /a:DeployReport /sf:AdventureWorks2012_v1.dacpac /tf:AdventureWorks2012_v2.dacpac /tdn:AdventureWorks2012.db /op:AdventureWorks2012_v1.xml

Please note that this example is based on a windows version of the tool, I assume that Linux port has the same list of arguments

  • Thanks for this solution. As you stated, it works as well on my machine, but mssql-scripter is much faster on my DBs than sqlpackage - the report from sqlpackage is better than diff, but diff does the job for me ;-) – Sam C Feb 26 '19 at 8:51

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