Error of problem: TypeError: _this2.state.navigation[i] is undefined

enter image description here

enter image description here

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  • setState is asynchronous, so you can't do this.setState({ navigation: data.val() }) and expect it to be set in this.state in the following statement. Please include your code in text format instead of as images. – Tholle Feb 22 at 11:56
  • Code Above see please – Arthur Luiz Feb 22 at 12:02
  • 4
    Please include your code in text format instead of as images. – Tholle Feb 22 at 12:09
  • data.val() is taking to much time to execute. So in the effect this.setState({navigation: data.val()}) is always undefined because it is executed in asynchronous manner. To get it execute as expected i suggest you to use promises javascript.info/promise-basics – ravibagul91 Feb 22 at 12:20

You should use the callback in setState if you want to do that because it is async. Please refer to the following link to get more info:


Another alternative is to set the state only once instead of doing it multiple times. You don't need to put all that info in the state only to update one value. And even if you do need all that info, you can use one setState call instead of 3 like you are doing. Just set variables with the values that you want to set and do one update.

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