I am decorating a base class SecurityController from FosUserBundle with:

namespace App\Controller;

use FOS\UserBundle\Controller\SecurityController as BaseController;

class SecurityController extends BaseController
   public function renderLogin(array $data)

    $template = sprintf('FOSUserBundle:Security:login.html.%s', $this->container->getParameter('fos_user.template.engine'));

. . .

and in my Services.yaml:

    decorates: fos_user.security.controller

The issue is that I receive the error:

The parameter "fos_user.template.engine" must be defined.

related to the line in renderLogin method:

$template = sprintf('FOSUserBundle:Security:login.html.%s', $this->container->getParameter('fos_user.template.engine'));

How can I get this missing parameter? The above line is from Symfony2 and now I using it in Symfony4.

Should I inject fos_user.template.engine or there is another syntax to get it inside the method?


The specific error means that the fos_user.template.engine parameter is not defined.

This parameter was defined on older versions of FOS_User, but no more, and it's not needed. You could define it in your configuration files as twig, but better to use the approach that current FOS_User uses.

If you check the renderLogin() method of SecurityController, the class you are decorating, you'll find that it's like this:

protected function renderLogin(array $data)
    return $this->render('@FOSUser/Security/login.html.twig', $data);

Base your extended method on this one, and you can get rid of the $template = sprintf() ... line altogether.


protected function renderLogin(array $data) {
    $data['foo'] = "bar";
    // do whatever else you need to do

    return parent::renderLogin($data);

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