I am looking for a way to immediately hide the keyboard on input (type text) focus and the input to remain focused (in chromium, with JavaScript). Tried some things among which history.back() and history.go(-1) but this does what it says - page goes back. Thanks in advance.

  • it is not up to you (the website) to hide the keyboard. Why you want to hide it? – Vladyslav Matviienko Feb 22 at 12:56
  • @VladyslavMatviienko I want to use the input field as pure barcode scanner field and not confuse the users with the virtual keyboard – marto Feb 22 at 13:13

Here is a method that works for Android.

function hideKeyboard() {
  //this set timeout needed for case when hideKeyborad
  //is called inside of 'onfocus' event handler
  setTimeout(function() {

    //creating temp field
    var field = document.createElement('input');
    field.setAttribute('type', 'text');
    //hiding temp field from peoples eyes
    //-webkit-user-modify is nessesary for Android 4.x
    field.setAttribute('style', 'position:absolute; top: 0px; opacity: 0; -webkit-user-modify: read-write-plaintext-only; left:0px;');

    //adding onfocus event handler for out temp field
    field.onfocus = function(){
      //this timeout of 200ms is nessasary for Android 2.3.x
      setTimeout(function() {

        field.setAttribute('style', 'display:none;');
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 14);

      }, 200);
    //focusing it

  }, 50);

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