I am using Cypress and iziToast (http://izitoast.marcelodolce.com/) to run some tests on a web application. I spotted an unexpected error message whilst running it locally. I was able to catch it by adding the following cy.toast statement to my code:

    .should('have.value', 'Teams')
// this is causing the following unexpected error
    type: 'Error',
    code: 'E1527360562',

I was able to get it to fail here using the following:

cy.wrap({ toast: 'Error' })
    .should('eq', 'Success');

What I would like to know is there any way of catching these unexpected errors?

Toast Message:

enter image description here

Failing that, can I get the Network response to my click() command?


You can try the below code. This snippet will help you to catch the exception in the cypress test flow.

Cypress.on('uncaught:exception', (err, runnable) => {
    console.log("err :" + err)
    console.log("runnable :" + runnable)
    return false

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