How do i replace the last character of a string with another character only if it ends with D for example?


assuming you want chage you last char to X where last char = 'D'

    select concat(LEFT(your_col, LENGTH(left) -1), 'X' )
    FROM Your_table 
    WHERE RIGHT(your_col, 1) = 'D';

or for avoid multybytes lenght problem as suggested by spencer7593

    select concat(LEFT(your_col, CHAR_LENGTH(left) -1), 'X' )
    FROM Your_table 
    WHERE RIGHT(your_col, 1) = 'D';
  • we might better use CHAR_LENGTH function in place of LENGTH function if there is a possibility that your_col might contain multibyte characters. – spencer7593 Feb 22 '19 at 18:37

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