I have compiled and trained a keras model with a custom optimizer. I saved the model but when I try to load the model, it throws an error stating ValueError: Unknown optimizer: MyOptimizer. I tried to pass MyOptimizer as a custom object something like : models.load_model('myModel.h5', custom_objects={'optimizer':MyOptimizer}) and it still throws an error. How do I load the model a keras model with custom Objects?


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I ran into the same problem :)

I made it work by loading the model with models.load_model('myModel.h5', compile=False).

From the keras source code:

If an optimizer was found as part of the saved model, the model is already compiled. Otherwise, the model is uncompiled and a warning will be displayed. When compile is set to False, the compilation is omitted without any warning.

After the uncompiled model is loaded, I can compile it again with my custom optimizer.

  • btw, you don't need to compile for inference only Aug 1, 2019 at 9:59

You have to use the name of optimizer class as the key in the custom_objects dictionary, in your case, as the optimizer would be 'MyOptimizer' object,

models.load_model('myModel.h5', custom_objects={'MyOptimizer': MyOptimizer})

should work


I had the same problem. However, I had two different custom things in my model. One was my optimizer and the other was a custom layer. Therefore, I solved my problem as follow:

my_loaded_model = tf.keras.models.load_model('my_models_name.h5', custom_objects={'KerasLayer':hub.KerasLayer , 'AdamWeightDecay': optimizer})

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