Write a program that asks the user to input 10 integers, and then prints the largest odd number that was entered. If no odd number was entered, it should print a message to that effect.

My take as a beginner in Python 3 follows. Is there any way to make this more elegant? Perhaps allow the user to input all the integers at once? Feel free to point out any flaws/alternates. Thanks!

#create a blank list and bind to variable

ints = []

#loop for input one by one. convert to int and add to blank list 

for i in range (10):
    if i == 0:
        x = int(input("Give me an integer: "))
    elif i == 1:
        x = int(input("Give me another: "))
        x = int(input("And another: "))

#determine largest odd input and print. if no odd inputs, print  

oddints = []
if all(v % 2 == 0 for v in ints):
    print("No odds")
for v in ints:
    if v % 2 != 0:
print("The largest odd number you entered is " + str(max(oddints)))

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