We are looking at react-router-config for static configuration of our routes in our react application.

We want to store an object of configuration that can be serialized easily, but what does the renderRoutes of react-router-config is maybe not what we need..

  1. We want to handle this to a <Redirect /> component:
  name: 'home',
  from:  '/',
  to: '/home'
  1. We want to allow a configuration that will not render to <Route /> when component is missing
  name: 'home',
  path: '/',
  component: Home,
  routes: [
       name: 'house',
       path: '/house',
  1. We want to allow a configuration that is not using <Route /> from renderRoutes to be added to matchRoutes.
import { Admin, Resource } from 'react-admin';

export default () => (
  <Resource name="users" list={UserList} create={UserCreate} edit={UserEdit} view={UserView} />

In react-admin, the <Resource /> is rendered within <Admin /> and create 4 routes:

  • / maps to the list component
  • /create maps to the create component
  • /:id maps to the edit component
  • /:id/show maps to the show component

In other word, we cannot use the renderRoutes, but matchRoutes will then be useless and the whole package.

Can react-router-config fit for my use case?

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