i have a status field at my model "CategoryRequests" that can have Waiting, Accepted, Rejected. How can i filter for the status?

I only want to filter for "Waiting" and order by "-pk"

so how do i combine these two, e.g.:

list_requests = CategoryRequests.objects.filter(status='Waiting')
list_requests = CategoryRequests.objects.get_queryset().order_by('-pk')

Thanks and BR

  • CategoryRequests.objects.filter(status='Waiting').order_by('-pk') – Davit Tovmasyan Feb 23 at 12:01
list_requests = CategoryRequests.objects.filter(status='Waiting').order_by('-pk')

Simple as That!! Note You can chain the functions like




QuerySets are constructed by "chaining" methods. Each method creates a new queryset, that is typically a modified version of the previous one. For example a .filter(..) will add a condition to a WHERE (and might add extra JOINs, etc.).

So you can create such queryset with:


Of course this only works given the status has a 'Waiting' value.

  • Works like a charm :) – Venom Feb 23 at 12:03

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