Here are code snippets to create Outlook Task item in Access 2013 App. Late binding is used :

With objCurrentTask
  .Subject = varSubject
  .StartDate = dtDebut
  .DueDate = dtDueDate
  .ReminderSet = True
  .ReminderTime = ReminDate
  .Body = varBody
End With

Under specific condition, I need to delete item created with objCurrentTask but I want to avoid to loop on All tasks in my OL folder. I wonder if I could get the key ID and directly to delete the assigned Item.

Is that possible ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Have you considered setting a link to the Task folder? – June7 Feb 23 at 18:11
  • I just tested that and unfortunately the task Subject and dates don't pull over. Annoying. – June7 Feb 23 at 18:20
  • Review stackoverflow.com/questions/33576529/… – June7 Feb 23 at 18:30
  • @June7 what do you mean by setting a link toward the Task folder ? Furthermore, I'll review the details you've posted here below. – botakelymg Feb 23 at 19:03
  • Access can link to Outlook folders. External Data > More > Outlook > expand list under the email address. I was able to delete task via the table link but not add tasks. – June7 Feb 23 at 19:15

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