I've been trying to find an online converter, or Python3 function, for conversion of email addresses in the html+hex format, such as: %69%6efo ---> info

%69 : i
%6e : n
&#64 : @
(source: http://www.asciitable.com/)

...and so on..

All the following sites are not converting both hex and html codes combined in the "word":


I'd appreciate any recommendations. Txs.


Try html.unescape() or HTMLParser#unescape, depending on which version of Python you are using: https://stackoverflow.com/a/2087433/2675670

Since this is a mix of hex values and regular characters, I think we have to come up with a custom solution:

word = "%69%6efo"

while word.find("%") >= 0:
    index = word.find("%")
    ascii_value = word[index+1:index+3]
    hex_value = int(ascii_value, 16)
    letter = chr(hex_value)
    word = word.replace(word[index:index+3], letter)


Maybe there's a more streamlined "Pythonic" way of doing this, but it works for the test input.

  • txs @Richard, it solved part of my question, related to html code... I still need to find a way for the rest of it, such as %69%6efo@&#.... – fana it Feb 23 at 18:59

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