So far all I have been getting is "Class paystack not found". I'm using Laravel 5.7, even after placing the Paystack provider code into the app.php file, and I try to publish, it says:

Class 'Unicodeveloper\Paystack\PaystackServjceProvider not found

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It sounds like you may not have installed it yet? Try running:

composer require unicodeveloper/laravel-paystack

From the project root. Then do a:

composer update

Then you should be able to use it.

More instructions can be found on the github page for the laravel paystack project.


Put the following code below in your composer.json file present in ur root folder

"unicodeveloper/laravel-paystack": "1.0.*"

And the run composer update. After creat your paystack.php file in /config directory. Remember to create your controller and route. Also don't forget to register ur webhook and callback in your paystack dashboard

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