How do I expand an alias defined when using zsh -c?

% zsh -c 'setopt aliases complete_aliases; alias d=date; d'
zsh:1: command not found: d

Use eval to force the zsh to parse the alias after the code has been read in:

zsh -c 'setopt aliases complete_aliases; alias d=date; eval d'

In this case, d will never expand, so doesn't need to be quoted.

In general you should properly quote all arguments to eval.

man zshmisc says:

   There is a commonly encountered problem with aliases illustrated by the
   following code:

        alias echobar='echo bar'; echobar

   This prints a message that the command echobar could not be found.
   This happens because aliases are expanded when the code is read in; the
   entire line is read in one go, so that when echobar is executed it is
   too late to expand the newly defined alias.  This is often a problem in
   shell scripts, functions, and code executed with `source' or `.'.
   Consequently, use of functions rather than aliases is recommended in
   non-interactive code.
  • Better yet, don't use an alias; define a function. A function definition is an ordinary command, and so is guaranteed to be defined before you attempt to use it, even on the same command line. zsh -c 'd() date; d. – chepner Feb 25 at 16:02
  • @chepner Generally good advice, but in this case I'm writing a generic alias expander for use in nohup alias, nice alias, chrt alias etc. – Tom Hale Feb 26 at 13:09

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