I have a problem with the Golang debugger in Visual Studio Code. My launch.json:

"configurations": [
        "name": "Launch",
        "type": "go",
        "request": "launch",
        "mode": "debug",
        "program": "${workspaceRoot}",
        "port": 2345,
        "host": "",
        "env": {},
        "args": []

I put a breakpoint, I launch the debugger, it start up and write to the Debug Console:

API server listening at:

and nothing else happens!

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • GoLand JetBrains too not work debugging – iGaisin Feb 24 at 9:04
  • most likely problem in WSL – iGaisin Feb 24 at 15:15
  • Are you waiting the necessary time? First time you run it it may take some minutes to have a response. – Joao Henrique Feb 24 at 17:31
  • Any feedback @iGaisin? – Joao Henrique Feb 26 at 7:27
  • @joao-henrique I waited a lot of time, about while the movie was going – iGaisin Feb 27 at 16:12

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