As the title says, I got a string '01:23.290', it looks like a Duration, but not. Now I need to use this to compare with a real Duration, and I don't how to deal with it. Is there any methods?

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Use a parsing function like this, then use the comparison methods of Duration:

Duration parseDuration(String s) {
  int hours = 0;
  int minutes = 0;
  int micros;
  List<String> parts = s.split(':');
  if (parts.length > 2) {
    hours = int.parse(parts[parts.length - 3]);
  if (parts.length > 1) {
    minutes = int.parse(parts[parts.length - 2]);
  micros = (double.parse(parts[parts.length - 1]) * 1000000).round();
  return Duration(hours: hours, minutes: minutes, microseconds: micros);

Package duration provides functions parseTime and tryParseTime to parse duration strings obtained by Duration().toString().

Usage is straight forward:

print(parseTime(Duration(hours: 5, seconds: 10, milliseconds: 567).toString()));

Another way using DateTime and DateFormat:

Duration durationParse(String time) {
  final ts = DateFormat('y-MM-dd').format(DateTime.now());
  final dt = DateTime.parse('$ts $time');
  return Duration(hours: dt.hour, minutes: dt.minute, seconds: dt.second);

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