I am currently discovering glade 3 with gtkmm and I am wondering how to create a multiple window project. For example if i want to generate a dialog Message when a button is clicked in a the main window. Can someone help me please !

Thank you

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Based on advices in the internet, I already implemented a GUI using python by: a) creating a single glade file containing several windows (main, secondary, messages) all differently named in the glade file for further use

builder = gtk.Builder()

b) example of 1 "dialog_exitconfirm" message dialog, in the python script, it is initiated as object with self.exitdialog = builder.get_object("dialog_exitconfirm") c) later in the script, use self.exitdialog.show() and self.exitdialog.hide() in order to pop up oder make it hiding/closing

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