I am trying to get a list from Locations table and exclude the Locations already assigned to a user. I am trying to using Linq FromSQL. If I hard code the user.Id parameter the query works, when I use the user.Id variable it does not work. Query returns all records. When I run the debugger, the user.Id variable is correct. Here is my code...

ApplicationUser user = await _userManager.FindByNameAsync(Id);

var unassignedLocations = await _context.Location
       .FromSql($"SELECT * FROM Locations WHERE Id NOT IN (SELECT LocationId FROM UserLocations WHERE UserID='{user.Id}')")
       .OrderBy(l => l.Name)

Locations = new SelectList(unassignedLocations, "Id", "Name");

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The problem are the enclosing quotes around the value


When using FromSql method overload with interpolated SQL string, rather than embedding the value inside the SQL string (which would allow SQL injection attacks), EF Core will bind a parameter for every placeholder inside the string - in this case, single parameter with value = user.Id.

Hence you have to access the value directly w/o enclosing it with quotes like constant:

WHERE UserID={user.Id}
  • That did it! Thank you Ivan.
    – Brian
    Feb 25, 2019 at 17:48

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