From a child component I make a GraphQL request and emit the result to the parent component successfully.

Instead of storing and updating an array of results in my parent component, I've refactored this to VUEX.

Upon receiving a result, I dispatch an event to my store, using the this.$store.dispatch('handle', payload) method.

This then triggers a mutation, which successfully updates the store:

UPDATE_RESULT(state, result) {
    state.queries[state.search.selectedQuery].results[result.index] = {

Back in my parent component, I use the mapState({}) helper to map my results array to a computed property. In Vue dev tools I can confirm that both the store updates, and the computed property updates on my component sucessfully:

computed: {
        results: state => state.queries[state.search.selectedQuery].results

My template however refuses to update:

<template v-for="(result, index) in results">{{result}}</template>

I can see that the template seems to be one tick behind both the computed property, and the store. I've tried using a watcher, using getters and setters, having a local results array and copying the store to this... but nothing works, other than a setTimeout.

Pulling my hair out!!!

  • Can you confirm that state.queries is an empty object in initial state? – aBiscuit Feb 25 at 0:40
  • Thanks for your response. No this is populated with query terms and such. The results array is however empty. – user9825311 Feb 26 at 0:08

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