I am using Visual Studio Code V 1.31.1. I used an input function but I can't write an input in output panel it shows this error

Cannot edit in read-only editor.

Please help me solve this problem.

  • seems you have no right to write this file, try to edit it in another editor. – pwxcoo Feb 25 at 3:06
  • You can't input data in output panel of VS Code since it read-only – Roshan Jun 11 at 16:27

go to file>preference>settings then

type: run code and scroll down until you see code-runner: Run in terminal,

just check "whether to run code in integrated terminal" and restart vscode.

For Mac users, it is Code>preference>settings.

  • @RameshPareek in the search bar at the top. – EliadL Aug 12 at 9:13
  • Worked like charm - I just searched whether to run code in integrated terminal and got exactly one to check – Hidayt Rahman Sep 1 at 8:43
  • In macOS, click code>preference>settings, then type "code-runner" in the top search bar in the setting tab, and scroll down and check carefully, find the following option: code-runner: Run in terminal, tick the checkbox. – Carl Lee Sep 22 at 13:42

I received this error during a code compare with previous version and it wasn't letting me edit the current version in the Right-Window. Unrelated to what I suspect OP's issue but this was the first thread that came up for my search and the error was the same. anyway...

My issue was that the particular file was 'Staged' in my source control at the time. This appears to restrict editing by opening an 'index' version for the compare.

Solution: Un-stage the file, and reopen the comparative window.

  • @Roshan Op was unable to write and received this error. I even mentioned it was unrelated, but the error was the same so I added my 2 cents. take it or leave it – jgritten Jun 11 at 17:49

I received the same error like @jgritten. Just like the comment before me by @jgritten, I 'unstaged' and reopened vscode and the files. Now I 'staged' it again. The error "Cannot edit in read-only editor" didnt come.

Hope this reassures anyone who might have similar error after staging the file using git in vscode.


If you can't find where to find code runner as said in Ali NoumSali Traore's answer, here's what you got to do:

  1. Go to extensions (ctrl + shift + X)
  2. find code runner and click on the settings icon on bottom right of the code runner
  3. click configure extensions settings
  4. Find code_runner: Run in terminal
  5. Check "Whether to run code in terminal"

You are in the "Output" tab instead of the Terminal. The output tab is actually only for you to read from.

enter image description here

Press F5 to begin Debugging and it'll bring you into the Terminal tab.

The terminal is interactive, so you can read output AND type back. It is indeed a console prompt/ terminal (hence its name).

enter image description here


Had the same problem. Here’s what I did & it got me the results I wanted.

  1. Go to the Terminal of Visual studio code.
  2. Cd to the directory of the file that has the code you wrote and ran. Let's call the program " xx.cpp "
  3. Type g++ xx.cpp -o a.out (creates an executable)
  4. To run your program, type ./a.out

as the same answer above: https://stackoverflow.com/a/58165475/10096812
and if you encounter the same problem as me that the integratedTerminal cannot read input from user as below hanging(env. windows 10) enter image description here

my solution was to replace cygwin's gdb and g ++ with mingw64's.

then the input output are normal enter image description here also you can enable "external console" option to solve it:)

you can change it by enabling "externalConsole":true in the launch.json then you will get a pop up console window that you can type in.

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