I have been training my dataset ( 6 GO of images ) in Google Colab lately, but i found that the RAM isn't sufficient, i moved to Google Cloud platform ( Free year trial 300$ ) but i found that thing are very complicated there than google Colab . Is there any way to import Kaggle dataset to Google cloud platform directly using Kaggle API ?
If not , can i upload my 6 G0 dataset from Google drive to Google Cloud Platform ?


I found this official port from Kaggle, according to this, using the command line from google this is possible:

$ gsutil mb -c regional -l us-east1 gs://my-kaggle-data
$ gsutil -m cp -r gs://kaggle-tsa-stage1/*  gs://my-kaggle-data
$ gsutil ls gs://my-kaggle-data

Did you try to follow that guide? There are also videos showing how to do this, for example this one

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