I need some advice on how to diagnose slow Elasticseach queries.


  • 1 node cluster in ElasticCloud (1 primary shard, 0 replicas). note: ElasticCloud = no slowlog. (also yep, i know i should have more nodes.. but this is just DEV)
  • Interacting with cluster via my Azure .NET Web App, using the NEST library


  • Most response times for my web server are 50-80ms
  • All query times in ES (e.g took) are < 5ms.
  • Network latency between my web server and ElasticCloud is about 15ms

Problem - Sometimes, the response times jump between 100-200ms, but the took is still 1ms. I was able to replicate this behaviour on local too (using ElasticSearch docker).

Here's a trace from Fiddler i captured, which is the call to Elasticsearch from my app:

ClientConnected:            17:28:44.325 
ClientBeginRequest:    17:34:34.953 
GotRequestHeaders:    17:34:34.953 
ClientDoneRequest:    17:34:34.953 
Determine Gateway:    0ms 
DNS Lookup:         0ms 
TCP/IP Connect:            0ms 
HTTPS Handshake:    0ms 
ServerConnected:       17:34:27.538 
FiddlerBeginRequest:    17:34:34.953 
ServerGotRequest:    17:34:34.953 
ServerBeginResponse:    17:34:35.171 
GotResponseHeaders:  17:34:35.171 
ServerDoneResponse:    17:34:35.172 
ClientBeginResponse:  17:34:35.172 
ClientDoneResponse:    17:34:35.178

So, above is saying the Elasticsearch cluster took 218ms to process the request. However the took is 1ms.

How can i track this slow request down? Clearly it's not the query speed (since took is low), so it must be something in the cluster.

Any advice?


Here is some data from Kibana, during a 15 min load test i did: enter image description here

So.. based on my noob-ish analysis nothing looks bad there.

  • Search latency / latency is quick (< 5ms)
  • JVM heap seems fine
  • CPU fine
  • No excessive GC

Yet here's what i see from my load testing tool: enter image description here

Here's the stats from my perf monitoring tool. You can clearly see the spikes and the slow outliers: enter image description here

Not sure where else to go from here? Is there some other metric i should be looking for?

  • It could be Garbage collection. Check the GC logs. – Shailesh Pratapwar Feb 25 at 4:26
  • Sometimes we also face similar issues, Could you also check the request queue size of ES, which is 1000 by default. Although in our case it happens on the overloaded cluster where request spent sometime in the queue before executing. – Amit Khandelwal Feb 25 at 4:35
  • In standalone cluster which doen't have much data, GC shouldn't be an issue. – Amit Khandelwal Feb 25 at 4:36
  • Could you provide the no of docs, CPU, memory configuration of your cluster. – Amit Khandelwal Feb 25 at 4:37
  • Hi Shailesh / Amit, thanks for helping with this. How can I get this data? From Kibana? – RPM1984 Feb 25 at 9:49

Just to make it clear what is not included in the took (copied from the Elastic Discuss):

  • serializing the request into JSON on the client
  • sending the request over the network
  • deserializing the request from JSON on the server
  • serializing the response into JSON on the server
  • sending the response over the network
  • deserializing the response from JSON on the client

Since the took is so low, it's probably nothing bad in the query or response itself. Also all the stats you posted from Elasticsearch look great. I'm wondering if this might be the network or something in the serialization?

PS: I don't think this is true, you just need to enable it through the API and not the config file. But since your took is so low, you won't find anything relevant here.

note: ElasticCloud = no slowlog

  • Hi, thanks for your answer :) regarding the timings.. check out the ServerGotRequest and ServerBeginResponse in my question.. that's where the time is. So - it won't include the first two dot points. But yes - maybe it includes the other, but my issue is i don't know how to track it down. Is there a log somewhere i can view the full request lifecycle? RE slowlog - it's not allowed in Elasticcloud: discuss.elastic.co/t/search-slow-log-with-elastic-cloud/147709 – RPM1984 Feb 27 at 5:07

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