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Consider the following C# code:

enum BaseState {STATE_ONE, STATE_TWO}

class Base{ BaseState baseSate;}


class Derv : Base { DervState dervState;}

Is there any way, I can relate the two enumerations so that DervState picks all states from the base and adds few additional ones.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Where is the DervState in your sample code? – D-Shih Feb 25 at 2:19
  • Sorry, Edited the original, DervState is another enum, representing states of the derived class. – just inquisitive Feb 25 at 2:22

You just cant inherit from an enum, thats it. Wanting to do so is very suspect

Enums are intended for use cases when you have literally enumerated every possible value a variable could take. Think use cases like days of the week or months of the year or config values of a hardware register. Things that are both highly stable and representable by a simple value.

Enum code smells happen most often when the different enum's correspond to different types with different behaviours but the same interface. For example, talking to different backends, rendering different pages, etc. These are much more naturally implemented using polymorphic classes or other structures.

In short, if you need this sort of facility, look at classes where you can separate your concerns a lot easier and encapsulate functionality or otherstructures like dictionaries or arrays, or even consts. if you really need enum inheritance, look at 2 separate enums that describe 2 different things, there shouldn't be a case to mix them

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