I have setup PuTTY/Plink to connect to a remote server for loading data from the remote SQL server.

I can easily call the saved session by using the following:

c:\plink -l myusername savedsite

I can then run a SQL Server job that loads the data.

The issue I have is, that this SQL Server job is a scheduled job that runs every x minutes.

What I notice is that running the Plink command keeps the command window open. So on the subsequent run of the job, another command window opens.

What I want to do is to issue an exit/logout command to the Plink window when the task of loading the data is complete. How do I achiever this please?

  • You didn't show us how you use Plink - How are you providing the commands to it? - What is "SQLSERVER job"? Is this a local job that runs Plink? That's suggested by most of your question. Though the "I can then run a SQLSERVER job that loads the data." rather suggests that you run the job using Plink. – Martin Prikryl Feb 25 at 6:57
  • @MartinPrikryl have a saved session in Putty that has all the connection settings with port forwarding and key settings, I have this sessions saved as "savedsite". This saved site requests a user name upon connecting (myusername). I call Plink from a command prompt ( as shown above in my question) - c:\plink -l myusername savedsite . Sql server job is a data warehouse load from the remote SQL database. What I am wanting is to open the plink connection, load the data and then close the connection . I can open the connection and load data, but I'm not sure how to close the connection setup – Harry Feb 25 at 19:46
  • You didn't answer my question. How do you "load the data"? – Martin Prikryl Feb 25 at 20:05
  • @MartinPrikryl - sorry - I have an ODBC setup on the server to localhost (plink does the rest of the work for port forwarding etc). Once the plink connection is open i can look at all the tables on the remote SQL site and retrieve the data from there. Hope I have made myself clear.. – Harry Feb 25 at 20:11
  • OK, makes more sense now. So how do you control Plink? How do you start/run it? Is it some scritp/batch file? – Martin Prikryl Feb 26 at 6:30

OK, it does not looks like you will provide us enough information, so that we can give you a good answer.

So only briefly: Plink won't close for you. It cannot know when you are done.

You have to close it on your own. E.g. by:

  • Starting it with a redirected input and writing exit/logout to it; or
  • Remembering its process ID and killing it.

We cannot show you how, as we do not know anything about the way you run it and options your environment allow.

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